We believe that critical to design is a 'sense of place' or character, which arises from the physical and cultural context of the site. We have a clear sensibility for a building and its surroundings with many of our projects involving historic structures. Together with this understanding, our designs address both the commercial and aspirational requirements of the brief, while finding opportunity for 'play' and celebration. We believe that in this way experiences can be enhanced and thus quality of life improved, as we move in and around, and populate these new spaces.

We also place great importance on sustainability and renewable energy, and how the changing environment informs design. We pay particular attention to daylighting and ventilation issues and look to integrate natural solutions where possible.

In this way, our design approach adopts a human and cultural response to a site and brief. We believe that good design demands innovation and challenges convention. Within this framework of beliefs, we have a hard working ethos which looks to provide an excellent service to clients and produce value and quality through good design.